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Saksith Saiyasombut and Baby Back Rib Satay,Peanut Sauce,and Cucumber-Onion-Sweet Pepper Salad

Saksith Saiyasombut and 亚搏娱乐Pork Rib Satay
AskSaksith Saiyasombutabout Thai food in Germany and he'll probably heave a sigh.I know that,because when I recently raised the subject to the Hamburg-based freelance journalist and political commentator,his immediate reaction was exactly that: a heaving of a sigh—soft and sustained.It didn't strike me as one of displeasure;if anything,it was more of an acquiescent,faintly audible shrug.Then again,it was the only sigh Saksith heaved during our phone conversation,and perhaps I shouldn't be making too much out of a hapax.Continue Reading →

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Thai Grilled Chicken: Smoked Soy-Honey-Rum Cornish Game Hens

Thai Grilled Chicken - Smoked Cornished Game Hens by 亚搏娱乐
About two years ago,a reader who was about to move back to his native Australia,wrote me lamenting a life without the rotisserie chicken which he had enjoyed five times a week for the past six years of living in 亚搏娱乐appBangkok.I can commiserate as I,too,am an unabashed fan of this famous 亚搏娱乐appBangkok-based franchise (whose name in English rhymes withknife-scar chicken).So I've been trying to clone some of its flagship products for the past two years.So far,I've had success with a couple of those products.But there's one that has still proven elusive.And though I think I'm getting warmer,my path so far has been dotted with numerous failures.

But here's the thing about this project: even the failures taste good.One failure in particular — this one — has become a favorite of mine.I hope you'll give it a try.Continue Reading →

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